1. Anyone else here?
  2. Absolutely
  3. S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y ....... NIGHT ..... in America, and THE Ohio State is playing Penn State right now ..... so ...... yeah.

    And for all y'all who have lingered longer in U2 fandom, you will appreciate the Bay City Rollers reference.
  4. Ph yeah

  5. Here we are, not drunk, haven’t had chance!

  6. Love you all!

  7. Few hours later
  8. -wrong thread
  9. Early Sunday morning in Australia having a u2 session with my dad. Started from early 80s through to 90s finishing with his favourite song lemon. Good night
  10. I just drank a lot of whiskey with a non believer. Then I put on side c of R&H. Now he is a believer.