1. You would have to ask a crew member..I have no idea..Sounds more like a tech guy to me then Edge ….

    the original mix a few years back wasn't an IEM….those usually sound flat to me..all the bands members instruments sound crisp..but again Im not an audio guy...
  2. As far as I can remember, you could hear this remark in the stadium itself, so no IEM source.
  3. OK...thanks! It once again states how impressive this recording is
    - not sure if I like the remaster, but I guess not everyone likes mine as well
    (Hope to dig out the original recording one of these days - u2torrents says I must have it!)
  4. *bump*

    10 years ago today. Still one of those epic nights to remember forever grateful I could be in the crowd with my friends cheers to all of us who were there
  5. Cheers
  6. Let's nort forget Bono wearing a Bayern t-shirt for the whole encore

  7. He also called Michigan, Ohio once. Arch rivals.