1. What is the best bootleg for Ultra Violet (Light My Way) .
  2. Milan 93, Dublin 93, hmmm for this tour Dublin 3 is a good bet. Obviously more experienced people will be along in a minute to add to those ones
  3. Barca 1, Dublin 3, Milan 92, Lakeland 92 (first night), Stockholm 92 and many many many others.
  4. Shit I meant Milan 92 not 93.
  5. 1992-05-22 Milan
  6. Milan 1, 2009
  7. Love, love, love Bono's scratchy voice at the Rose Bowl. I'm dead serious. That second verse where his voice tears is pretty powerful (as well as the way it was filmed IMO) I think it works because he looks completely into it.

    "I guess it's the price of love, and the price of love isn't right if the price is cheap"
  8. 1992-08-16 Washington is really good, if I recall.