1. Thanks
  2. Just downloaded it.
    Oh how i love ZooTV-shows
  3. thx for this , excellent show, it was mine second Zooropa show..........
  4. according to the "u2 live bible" by Pimm Jal De La Parra, Bono and the boys had a party the night before, so this show is kind of a hangover of a show, lot's of things not working properly.

    I Still Haven't Found is always beautiful in its acoustic arrangement, but my favourite version is definitely the Foxboro 23 August 1992.
  5. Just heard the full concert.

    It's definately NOT the best Still Haven't Found Bono fucks up (more than) half of the lyrics

    Hearing Larry sing Wild Rover is one of the highlights.

    Bad and All I Want Is You snippet is really a great idea, just as in Rome couple of weeks ago
    Something wrong with the transition between Bad (AIWIY) and Bullet The Blue Sky though...

    Altogether a very enjoyable show, but imo most ZooTV shows are
  6. The Bono improvisation in ISHFWILF is what makes it brilliant. It's better than most of his lyrics. Love love love this show.
  7. yes, i agree about Bono's improvisations, mostly they are very inspiring and make songs that are already great even greater.

    still, the "rap" during The Fly is not exactly a goose bumps moment (according to Pimm's book, even the crew had trouble this night, flashing The Fly's text messages during Zoo Station), but i agree about the improv in Still Haven't Found at this show is cool, you can hear Bono's making it up as he goes along.

    also, the snippet of Van Morrison's Irish Heartbeat in Bad before All I Want Is You, is always a nice addition. very heartfelt lyrics: "oh won't you stay, with your own ones/don't have to stray from own ones"

  8. I wonder if anyone can help me, I have tried on numerous occaisions to download concerts, but they just refuse to open once I have downloaded. What am I doing wrong ????????
  9. "refuse to open" is a pretty vague description, matey
    What happens? Do you have WinRar installed? Does WinRar give you any error message or notification when you extract the files?
  10. I am listening. Zoo Station cue missed and an improv verse in The Fly already because of another missed cue. Outstanding.

    Bloody great recording too.
  11. Edge misses his piano cue in Mysterious Ways.


    Oh my days