1. These two are too mainstream to tinker with. Hungover Rotterdam is the true gem.
  2. I was at this show. 12 years old. Was loud! Years later after numerous trades finaly got the bootleg. Nowadays it’s easy. Great audience recording. Once you’ve heard the Dublin soundboard it’s difficult to hear audience recording, but this is a good one! Also the macphisto speech is fun
  3. What are your favorite f*ckups from this show?
  4. Bad is a total trainwreck and still brilliant to hear, Still Haven't Found is incredibly fucked up in a very funny way too. Trying To Throw Your Arms is a bit of a mess too but not really funny, just a mess. I seem to recall The Fly had some sort of improvised rapped middle eight which is quite impressive to hear, especially since Bono was very drunk and/or very hungover. And Bullet is fun too!