2010-09-26 - San Sebastian
Tour: U2 360° Tour
Songs played: 25
Audio recordings: 6
Videos: 1
  1. I found this on the U2valencia forum. A guy over there (Dafy Mount Temple, associated to the famous Lemon cover band) is known for his remasters and improvements on the audio quality of some bootlegs, and he got his hands over the (in)famous Diego already-excellent-IEM recording. The result is a "boosted" sound that is, in my opinion, a must have. Well, ok, my opinion is absolufucking biased..... but you get my point

    Seriously, it sounds terrific. More like an Excellent Soundboard than the Very Good IEM that it was. The countdown before the songs, and the "clicks" are lower in the mix (and therefore less annoying), and all the instruments can be heard even clearer than in the original IEM recording. He also equalized the whole bootleg, achieving an almost-perfect sound balance; it doesn't sound distorted even when cranked up to insane volume levels (believe me, I've tried). Oh, and he patched the interferences that were present during Stingray and Beautiful Day!!

    Original post and thread (100% in Spanish): http://www.u2valencia.com/foro/index.php/topic,4559.0.html

    01. Space Oddity (Bowie)
    02. The Return Of The Stingray Guitar
    03. Beautiful Day
    04. I Will Follow
    05. Get On Your Boots
    06. Magnificent
    07. Mysterious Ways
    08. Elevation
    09. Until The End Of The World
    10. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
    11. Spanish Eyes
    12. Mercy
    13. In A Little While
    14. Miss Sarajevo
    15. City Of Blinding Lights
    16. Vertigo
    17. I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight
    18. Sunday Bloody Sunday
    19. MLK
    20. Walk On - You'll Never Walk Alone (fragmento)
    21. One
    22. Amazing Grace - Where The Streets Have No Name
    23. Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me
    24. With Or Without You
    25. Moment Of Surrender

    Part 1: http://www.sendspace.com/file/od7foo
    Part 2: http://www.sendspace.com/file/v591r8

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    Thanks a lot to Diego/restevezes, the original taper, and thanks a lot to Dafy Mount Temple for his excellent remaster

  2. As I know the original-Taper didn't upload any lossless source yet. So I think he did a remaster of the mp3's. Then reencoding to mp3 again? I hope not. I t would be great If a lossless source will be available in the future. Thanks for the upload anyway.
  3. Thanks Sergio
  4. Great sharing. ... I'm posting on T.U.B.E.

  5. Hi, this not is a remaster. This is a Matrix with IEM (Diego Source) and Audience source by U2LaMancha.

  6. Are you sure? Dafy didn't say that. He only said he had used some audience "patchs" to fill the parts where the original IEM suffered interferences, but nothing about a matrix...

    Originally posted by originalCamaradas de Armas;
    Estamos frente a uno de los mejores conciertos de la gira 360°, y lo tenemos grabado con un muy buen registro de la mezcla que se le arma a el Señor Hewson.

    Esta señal (IEM) es excelente, ya que cuando se escucha la de los otros 3 muchachos, ellos piden que los niveles de su instrumento suenen mas fuerte y por eso se pierde un equilibrio en el sonido. En cambio al tener la mezcla de Bono, nos acercamos a un sonido mas ideal y se pareceria a lo que podria ser una mezcla de consola P.A. (public adress).
    Lo unico que podria molestar en algo son las marcas de tiempo y que vienen por lo general antes que parta la cancion.
    La voz de nuestro vocalista suena muy bien en relacion a la mezcla de los instrumentos y las saturaciones las arreglé para que no se molestaran en bajar en su ecualizador la banda de los medios (lease 1 a 3 kilos).

    Ojalá les agrade, ya que lo armé en tiempo record, y me sentí en la necesidad de hacerlo rapido ya que me llegaron mas de 80 mails esperando mi mezcla Giñar
    El show está completo y solo le agregué unos pequeños segundos al inicio del track o2 & o3, ya que al inicio del show la señal IEM se perdia por momentos.

    Amigos, camaradas, compañeros, padawanes e integrantes de la cossa nostra!!!, este es un regalo para ustedes que siempre me han tratado tan bien por estas calidas tierras Españolas.

    Originally posted by myDear partners, we have one of the best recordings of the 360º Tour so far, and the bootleg shows a really balanced sound caught from Bono's earpiece. When an IEM recording is from the other band members, it doesn't sound balanced because they each want their instruments to sound clearer and louder than the rest. But when the IEM is Bono's, it sounds balanced, and it's the closer you can get to a P.A. sound - with the obvious diference of the clicks and countdowns before the songs.

    In this recording, Bono sounds very clear, above all instruments. I've fixed the saturated parts, so you don't need to EQ the tracks (specially the med. freqs). The show is complete and I only patched a few seconds at the start of tracks 2 and 3, where the IEM signal got lost for a few moments.

    I hope you like it! I made it in record time, because +80 people requested it by mail !!

    Friends, collegues, partners and padawans, this is a gift for you all who've alwys treateed me so well in this warm Spanish land

    So, unless he didn't want to give credit to U2LaMancha, I can't assume he used that source for a matrix. Some, do you have any further info? If so, I'd gladly update the main post and the bootleg info Just give me some detailed info (from Dafy himself if possible, thanks).
  7. Its sounds good indeed.
  8. Cant wait to listen to this show.

  9. Many thanks for this nice addition... Sounds great
  10. Not played the full gig yet but 'stingray' is from munich??????
    Is this supposed to be the full San Sebastiian show or a mixture of various sources?
  11. strange - Return of the Stingray Guitar is from munich concert !!!