2010-09-26 - San Sebastian
Tour: U2 360° Tour
Songs played: 25
Audio recordings: 6
Videos: 1

  1. jajajajajajjajajahahahaajahaahjjhjhahahahahahaaa!!!! that made me spill my coke all over the keyboard, fuck!! legendary, hahahahhaa
  2. So, I did a new test with the audience from Chris Voynet. 90% IEM-mix, 10% audience in my mix. If you like it, I will finish the whole thing soon. Or let me know what you don't like in my mix and maybe I'm able to correct this.

    Until The End Of The World:

    Sorry, it's the wrong file. I have to upload again.
  3. Did you mix Bono's and Edge's IEMs as well? Sounds TERRIFIC but I'd appreciate a little more audience thrown in there. Sounds a lot like an official release and very few like an amateur recording. It would/will be a perfect recording to mix with the multicam, but maybe not the better for someone who was there

    EDIT: My review was from the first file you uploaded, let's see about the second.
  4. Maybe I do 2 mixes. One with less audience, one with more. It's a matter of taste.
  5. I downloaded the 2nd file and it's the exact same as the 1st so my review is still valid. The mix is absolutely flawless and sounds better than most bootlegs I ever heard, but I'd like to have a little more audience (maybe 20% instead of 10%? anyway the crowd sounds very low on Voynet's recording). Matter of taste
  6. Maybe I should use the U2LaMancha-source for the audience. It's great in his source.
  7. Sounds great!
  8. Ok, give me some time. So I'll do two mixes. Then Everyone can compare and decide witchone is the mix for him/her.
  9. Fantastic

    I agree with the use of U2LaMancha source. It's not an excellent audience of course, but since the IEMs (specially Edge's) sound so clear and powerful, I think there's no need for a quiet-sounding audience, more like the opposite: noisy as hell, in order to give "life" to the IEM mix
  10. I forgot something. As I know "restevezes" wanted to upload also more Iem-sources of this gig. The question should I continue ore wait for new sources (especially Adams Feed)?