2010-09-26 - San Sebastian
Tour: U2 360° Tour
Songs played: 25
Audio recordings: 6
Videos: 1
  1. He surely won't share them - at least not in the inmediate future. I would go ahead without his other source(s).
  2. Pity. Adams Feed then it maybe could be really an official Release.
  3. Even more?! No thanks
  4. So did you use both the Bono and 'Edge IEMs for this one?

    What, is he pissed off or something?

  5. A taper - pissed off by this side? Never in a million years.

    There's been a fuss about this recording when it came out. I guess that's where it comes from...
  6. I would really prefer only the IEM sources. It would be really great to have that matrix made without any audience recordings of this gig. Just take your time and when you have finished it let us know!!!!

    Regards and thanks in advance
  7. I disagree, you need some (little) bit of audience to fill the recording. It is great as it is now, maybe some extra audience.

    Did you listen to the sample ?
  8. Nuno told me that a other person also is working on a matrix. So, we have then different mixes. I think then everybody will find his favorite mix.
  9. God news Timo Which mix are you eventually going for, which %'s?
  10. I'm working now on the Iem-mix with the voynet-source. It's very difficult, cause the iems are not 100% volume-stable. I hope you understand. I think I'll put a little more voynet into the mix, as you said.
  11. Ok, good luck with it. Drop a message over here or a PM if you need any help or I can do something for you ok? Thanks for doing this
  12. It's my biggest project ever. I did not much with Iems before, cause the handling with them is very difficult. I'm a amateur but I hope I will do a listenable work.