1. Originally posted by dylbagz:Did Larry play a cowbell or something similar on this on JT30 tour or was it a click track that I was listening to? Seemed to be in a right channel predominantly from the great matrix of Amsterdam 2 recently released

    See here

  2. You mean that noise when Bono i snot singing, starting at 3:16?
    I can hear that in any other recording of OTH in 2017..
    Probably Cowbell, it’s an extension for drum sets and a regular instrument:

  3. Originally posted by dylbagz:[..]

    Unreal, thanks. I've never heard or seen Larry play cowbell before that I'm aware of, so news to me.

    More cowbell!
    Cowbell solo for Brisbane.
  4. He also used the cowbell live for "Seconds".
  5. And it can be heard on "I threw a brick through a window" live.