1. Hello hello!
    2006-02-20 Sao Paulo, Brazil - Morumbi: can someone please upload the DVD Pro-Shot as a torrent and/or direct download here.
    Many Thanks!!!
  2. Sure, will torrent later on today. Please use our torrent request topic next time, thanks

  3. Thanks for that! And sorry...
    P.S. And also a big THANK YOU for all your uploads! Great things here!!!

  4. No problem, thanks for your participation!
  5. Ouf, listening back to this boot. How can a pro recording sound so bad?
  6. They were setting the quality standard for U2Brazil future dvd projects.
  7. Too bad there isn't cell phone footage and audio from that era that you could mix with it.
  8. Yes, because it's a pretty good show. And I assume equalising some stuff also does not offer a satisfactory result?
  9. No idea, I never listened to it. I imagine it's a soundboard with the ambience mics cranked really high?
  10. Nah, sound is muffled and noisy. The gig was broadcasted, so it's some kind of soundboard...
  11. To be honest the Brazilian TV did a pretty good job with regards to video editing. It's a very nice proshot. But the audio is rubbish as @remembereverymoment says. Not sure if they leveled the crowd microphones too much in the mix or what was the issue but I refuse to believe Joe O'Herlihy was behind the mixing board for this crime.