1. First of all, this is NOT my work, it's Dafy Mount Temple's work so all credit is for him. I just limit myself to post his stuff here!

    It's Christmas now, and Christmas -in the U2 jergon- means Dublin City, means Point Depot. On December 1989, four consecutive concerts took place there; meant to be the last concerts of a successful decade that was just coming to an end, U2 put a lot of effort and enthusiasm in every one of them. The result is four of the best concerts and bootlegs of U2 history.

    We all know the Point Depot concerts, we all probably have them, and Dafy knows it. But he has selected the best performances of each song that was played back then, and has mixed it in a long 28-songs setlist with the Best Of The Point Depot. Every song is mastered at the same volume to avoid weird changes, and the transitions between songs are polished to make it all sound like one big concert.

    Here's it.

    The Point Depot | Dublin | Ireland | 26, 27, 30 & 31 December, 1989.

    CD One
    01 Where the streets have no name (dia 31)
    02 I will follow (dia 31)
    03 Gloria (dia 26)
    04 I still haven`t found (dia 27)
    05 MLK (dia 27)
    06 Unforgettable fire (dia 27)
    07 One tree hill (dia 30)
    08 god part II (dia 31)
    09 Desire (dia 31)
    10 All along the watchtower (dia 31)
    11 All i want is you (dia 30)
    12 Bad (dia 27)
    13 Van diemen's land (dia 30)
    14 Out of control (dia 30)

    Cd Two
    15 Bullet the blue sky (dia 27)
    16 Running to stand still (dia 27)
    17 New years day (dia 31)
    18 Pride (dia 26)
    19 Party girl (dia 31)
    20 People get ready (dia 27)
    21 She's a mystery to me (dia 30)
    22 Angel of harlem (dia 26)
    23 When love comes to town (dia 26)
    24 Love rescue me (dia 30)
    25 11 o'clock tick tock (dia 30)
    26 Two hearts beat as one (dia 27)
    27 With or without you (dia 30)
    28 40 (How long) (dia 31)

    Download link: https://goo.gl/EQPukt

    I've downlaoded and listened to it, and I can say it's excellent. Good choices of songs and great coherence between them (it actually sounds like it's all part of a big setlist) => recommended to everyone who wants to have a good compilation of those great 4 concerts, and to everyone else who might want a great 2-and-a-half dose of rock'n'roll (that's all folks).

  2. great work love it i`m downloading it now
  3. This will do nicely for my phone. Thanks for making.
  4. fantastic stuff, downloading right away

    and I have a feeling there's some rock'n'roll...that's all folks in there
  5. Wow, I always wished something like this was made (officially - but this is close enough)
  6. This looks brilliant, shall download later on. Thanks to Sergio an Dafy
  7. Wow. An absolutely wonderful holiday gift. Thanks, once again, to U2start.
  8. Wonderful work
  9. best of one of the best weeks in U2 history
  10. Thank you