1. You're The Best Thing About Me in the Hilton I'm staying at.
  2. Christmas Baby Please Come Home on Absolute Radio
  3. Staring At The Sun on local rock radio (Rockzone)
  4. Wow that's odd, not the kind of song you'd expect to hear.
  5. A few months ago Two Hearts Beat As One played over the radio at work
  6. Was surprised to hear 'Lemon' in my local Co-Op this morning.
  7. I heard Wire in my local Walmart a few weeks back. Definitely took me by surprise. Probably the best thing to have come out of a Walmart.
  8. On dutch Kink Radio there's an item right now of songs not sung by the leadsinger. Numb is number 3 on the list
  9. One Tree Hill now, Radio 2, Holland. Amazing
  10. In a television program in my country I heard I Still Haven't found, and in an ice cream parlor I heard stuck in a moment