1. Pride in the name of love and Vertigo on my local radio station
  2. One on teh drive in today.
  3. Sweetest Thing (the original Joshua Tree B-Side) at a restaurant a couple days ago!
  4. Now that's weird One would guess if they're to play Sweetest Thing, they'd opt for the '98 single version!
  5. Must be U2-day at Dutch Radio 2. When love comes to town is playing right now
  6. Take Me To The Clouds Above - U2 vs LMC this morning which was an odd one.Had a friend of an ex work colleague who appeared or worked on the video.Gave me a promo VHS tape of it…nope,no idea where that is

  7. Yeah! I was very surprised but happy - one of my favorite songs
  8. Daddy’s Gonna Pay For Your Crashed Car on Virgin Radio Italy
  9. Angel Of Harlem - Radio Merseyside
  10. Get out of your own way // WDR2 Germany
  11. I saw Paul Chowdry last night and Streets was in his pre gig music. I was with another U2 fan so it was a cool moment.
  12. Didn’t hear this on the radio but in fact, heard Discotheque being played in my local shopping mall on a Sunday morning which was a pleasant surprise.