1. Am I right that the u2-3 original cover, with Peter Rowan, is him with a lighter+flame just below his face? Always been hard for me to tell in black+white
  2. anyone?
  3. He’s eating a chocolate bar.
  4. I know this would never happen but I would love it if the band picked a handful of locations spread out around the world and played 8 nights at each location doing 2 albums per night for the first 7 nights then on the last night playing there new album with maybe a dozen non album tracks. The complete u2 live over 8 shows maybe spread over 2 weeks in each location.

  5. Clear to see in this scan.
  6. They should place U2 in quarantine in a studio. It's better for their health and they can work on a new album
  7. Noticing a lot of artists releasing live albums for corona virus relief funds etc.

    Maybe U2 could step up to the plate??
  8. The next albums CANNOT be a “concept” album. I think that’s why the last few records didn’t “give them any relevance.

    SOI and SOE are amazing don’t get me wrong.

    It shouldn’t be a “Bono album” an “edge album” it needs to be a U2 album. If bono is feeling fearful/anxious, like Little Things, write about dealing fearful/anxious. If Bono is thinking about his dad and wants to write a song, like Dirty Day, write a song about your dad. If you’re personally upset about American right wing policies, like Bullet, write a song about American right wing policies!!!

    Each album doesn’t need to be a story, the SONG needs to be a story. This is obviously all my opinion, but I’ve had a few and felt like ranting lol
  9. Bono looks SO good here. Man, 2011 was GREAT.

  10. I reckon 2010-2011 was their late-years peak and they'll never better that, ever. They might still be a great live act and they'll still sell out stadiums and arenas (there's an overwhelming demand after all) but they'll never be in such good shape and looseness as they were back then.