1. Am I right that the u2-3 original cover, with Peter Rowan, is him with a lighter+flame just below his face? Always been hard for me to tell in black+white
  2. anyone?
  3. He’s eating a chocolate bar.
  4. I know this would never happen but I would love it if the band picked a handful of locations spread out around the world and played 8 nights at each location doing 2 albums per night for the first 7 nights then on the last night playing there new album with maybe a dozen non album tracks. The complete u2 live over 8 shows maybe spread over 2 weeks in each location.

  5. Clear to see in this scan.
  6. They should place U2 in quarantine in a studio. It's better for their health and they can work on a new album
  7. Noticing a lot of artists releasing live albums for corona virus relief funds etc.

    Maybe U2 could step up to the plate??