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    hahaha, Kirsten, you're completely off ... They're talking about the Van Morrison's Gloria snippet that Bono used to do on Exit (e.g. Rattle And Hum's one), during which he spelt "gee ell ou r ae a" (G-L-O-R-I-A). Watch it here (from 3:03 on):

    [YouTube Video]

    oh damn LOL foolish me.

    and btw, now I finally knw what on earth Bono is saying there, as I never really knew before, truth be told thx for clarifying
  2. sometimes makes me sad seeing U2 fans who "fight" one against each other and mostly against what they should have learned from U2
  3. Originally posted by clover68:sometimes makes me sad seeing U2 fans who "fight" one against each other and mostly against what they should have learned from U2

    U2 is a completely polarizing band: you love them or you hate them. And that's why U2 fans are the most passional fans of any band since... The Beatles, maybe? We love our band and most of us actually love arguing for and against U2 stuff most of the time. (I personally do). Whether our adversary is another U2 fan or a U2 hater, we're so passional and enthusiastic that we'll carry the discussion to the point of an actual harsh arguing! But there's nothing wrong with it. I've had several strong online discussions with some people, and when we met at the concerts, we were like brothers
  4. it's true all you say .. of course i love arguing about U2 and all related to them .. i've been arguing since years and i still love it as ever .. absolutely nothing wrong .. one thing U2 teach is to cry out your ideas and fight for them.
    the wrong comes when the arguings go straight to offense.
    i'm not talking of this site of course, here is almost a paradise, but you should see italian forums, for example, what have become.
    i can't write there anymore
  5. There are bastards everywhere, but they don't have to bring you down, and of course they shouldn't make you forget how great is U2 and how great are their fans
  6. if it didn't happen since 28 years till now i'm sure it will never happen
    thanx Sergio
  7. happy birthday "The Joshua Tree"!!!!

    ....... ....
  8. Long Live Joshua
  9. I love The Joshua Tree. R&H had some excellent songs but the live stuff on it didn't grab me so much.
  10. One of my favourite Joshua Tree-related memories is from just a couple of years ago, when I met Bono outside ANZ Stadium here in Brisbane during the Vertigo rehearsals. A small scrum of fans were there to meet the guys after they landed in the chopper and while people were saying hi and getting autographs, one particularly pushy woman shrieked, "BONO BONO I NAMED MY SON JOSHUA AFTER THE JOSHUA TREE!!"

    I happened to be standing right near Bono at that moment and the look on his face was utterly priceless. I'm sure he's had plenty of opportunities to practice that carefully concealed amused/appalled eyeroll, but perhaps he could use a little bit more as it was pretty clear. Definitely one of those oh fandom moments.

    I didn't get an autograph, but I did get a good laugh.
  11. Hahahaha, great story Poor Bono, it really has to be pretty hard and boring at times, I understand him!

    By the way, I almost end up being called Joshua too. My parents are big U2 AND Joshua Tree fans, and I was born in 1990... They were just about to call me Joshua. The other options were Guillermo (Spanish' name for William) and Sergio. Luckily my grandmother was a bit more sane than my parents, and she avoided Joshua being chosen. I thank her everytime for that.
  12. you were lucky. would have been a shame for little brother being called achtung lol.