1. my oldest son is called jordan. i wanted joshua but my ex wife wasn't keen. thats my confession.
  2. if there will be another son of you don't call him ... Elijah Bob Patricius Guggi Q LOL
  3. he just got connor, he's 14 and is into u2
  4. good boy and proud daddy
  5. I listne to many artists, ACDC, Jimmi Hendrix, Kings of Leon to name a few. Not a day goes by were i don;t listen to at least one U2 song, sometimes I worry that I'm to obssesed with this band.
  6. i've been a fan 26 years, guess i'm an addict
  7. My wife says that I have ruined U2 for her becasue I listen to them too often.

    Her loss.
  8. in the days i can't listen at least to one U2 song i sing it by myself LOL
  9. Think I might have burned out on U2 for a while..
  10. It happens to us all some time, Joe, don't worry. Give U2 a rest, wait a few weeks (until the South American leg hits us) and watch that U2 fire burn again
  11. Haha yeah that sounds like a plan Need something new to come along, South Africa was just too short