1. Thank you very much for this fine CD.
    I will enjoy listening to it
  2. Glad you enjoy it Not let's just hope someone does the same with the new songs
  3. I seen this before but came across it again today and downloaded it.

    Good work with the backtracks LikeASong! I only got a good amp last month (no effects either except now I have some built in with the amp) and never have anyone to play with so I haven't actually learned any u2 songs all the way. I played along with a few of the tracks just now and i have a way better feel for how the songs are laid out just on the first listen. Will come in handy in the future. Thanks!
  4. upload again please!!!
  5. yes please, for me too thanks
  6. Links now in the first post of this thread.
  7. Thx for this!
  8. Thanks my friend. Its great!!