1. Let me start by saying that for the past two months (thats since Jan 6th) I've had a pleasure hosting the battle of the best of the best of U2. The two songs remaining both come from 2 different decades, that displayed U2 in two completely different ways. Each coming off of two "U2 masterpieces", they both dominated their album, and then their decade in the polls, coming in 1st on everything but never officially went head-to-head against eachother, competing for the most votes.

    in the end, it seems that it'll come down to 80s VS. 90s, since both of these songs almost defined the era for U2. Both these songs are still getting exposure from the media. Just last year, in 2006, Tony Blair declared one his favorite of all-time, and the other was used in the criticially-acclaimed Adam Sandler Movie "CLICK".

    The voting will begin now and last until the end of the month.

    You can vote once each day for any ONE song.


    (((haha, i'm loving building up this tension)))


    The songs are...
    WHERE THE STREETS HAVE NO NAME, from Joshua Tree, 1987
    ULTRAVIOLET (LIGHT MY WAY), from Achtung Baby, 1991

    Happy voting!
  2. Where the streets have no name
  3. Where the streets have no name
  4. Ultraviolet (Light my Way)
  5. Where the streets have no name

  6. where the streets have no name
  7. Where The Streets Have No Name
  8. Unbelievable that Ultra Violet made it to the final, who would've thought that in the beginning.

    I'll go for Streets off course.
  9. Ultraviolet (Light My Way)

    Glad to see it made it to the finals. This song hardly gets the recognition it deserves.
  10. streets is a well known masterpiece, no question.
    because of this im gonna go with ULTRAVIOLET in an attempt to bring it to the attention of those who have not heard about it.
  11. Streets is epic.

    But I have to go with Ultra Violet.

    "I remember
    When we could sleep on stones
    Now we lie together
    In whispers and moans
    When I was all messed up
    And I heard opera in my head
    Your love was a light bulb
    Hanging over my bed "

    Bono's voice has never sounded so desperate, his lyrics are rarely so direct, and Edge's guitar work here is superb whilst also displaying his trademark chiming sound.
  12. I can't vote here neither.