1. I cancelled my membership in 2006. I got in early but hate the social politics that surrounds that band. They don't release Holiday Single 45's anymore so you tell me. I always got everything I wanted online. They may have already set a hard deadline or a 'marker in the sand' if you will.
  2. Interesting how they've said the "first leg" of the North American tour.
  3. East Coast, Chicago and Seattle in the fall on the second leg right? 🤞
  4. More than likely. Hoping for Vancouver, too. If I go to Oakland then I won’t likely travel in fall. Seattle is a pain to get go from where I live.
  5. Edit: Woah, nevermind ! Glad people are already posting about this!

    Hope they get their arses to Oz on this new album tour.
  6. I live 500 yards from one of the announced arenas. Let's hope Pearl Jam South America fan army remember to keep some tickets for the locals.
  7. Still using verified ticketing..
  8. Honestly, the temptation to try for MSG...
  9. Good news, good news. I hope they make the leap across the pond and give us Europeans a good bunch of gigs. Considering how fast tickets have flown in their last visits, I think they could even sell out stadiums across the continent (other than in Italy lol).

  10. That's not exactly what I needed but it can be worked out with a lil bit of effort. These are all the tags sung within Black for example:

    Thanks a lot Matt