1. Well, better get my flights cancelled.
  2. Fuck This virus.
  3. I'm so sorry. It must be horrible there right now. Sending positivity to the greatest city in the world (truly).
  4. Well said and just to add further well wishes to our New York friends.
  5. Thanks guys so much! We’re all good so far. I appreciate all the well wishes.

  6. I like this shot
  7. Pearl Jam reappear in The Last Dance in the final four (minutes). I have the clip but it's best watched in the episode. It's worth watching!
  8. It's episode 10.
  9. 1998 does not seem that long ago... but it is!
    (A lot of 1990s “nostalgia” seems to be creeping in... or maybe I’m just more cognizant of it these days...it’s very bittersweet.)