1. VANCOUVER x2 !!!!
  2. scored Baltimore
  3. Got Manchester standing today...£160 😱
  4. Vegas woooo . PJ world not happy bitching about ticket prices . I got in for $188 not the $600 BS. U2 stadiums ‘25 won’t be cheap either…
  5. Vancouver1 4 me. Opening night.
  6. Got 2nd Berlin, had 1/t in the bag but … too expansive to do 2 nights specially since I fly then to UK for The Killers and F1 race … bad timing and the prices are crazy :/
  7. Which PJ show do they play this tour? Pre Covid with 31 or so songs or Post Covid with 21 or so songs?
  8. pretty sure post covid is the new permanent norm. I personally like it, especially in conjunction with the 2 night runs
  9. The new album was sent digitally to media representatives today.