1. Originally posted by RUMMY:Oddly enough, Ten has been dropping in my PJ album ranking of late. Obviously it's a great record (and a very "important" one) but aside from live versions of Release, Black, and Alive I would rather hear Vs through Yield these days. Not sure why that is - but it is what it is.
    It happens with any artist who has an incredible catalogue
  2. Wow Matt. What a night. That’s why you do both. Oceans, black circle, Jeremy , crown of thorns etc....
  3. Very good set, better than the first night. Still quite a few covers, though.
  4. I'd say N2 was better than N1 - although hearing Release still was the highlight for me. Getting It's Okay, Immortality, Whipping, STBC, and Leash was awesome!

    Yes, too many covers, indeed. Also, still needed more from No Code...Lukin and I'm Open are barely songs! How 'bout some Hail Hail to rock the night away or the cool groove of In My Tree?!?

    I stand by my earlier post about Ten...although I should add Oceans to the "awesome live" list.... I hope that one day I can fully appreciate Porch and Even Flow again. I just don't dig them anymore and I feel terrible about it! I still love Alive but it needs to end a main set or something. Like I said two years ago, I get bummed out when they start playing it because it means the show is almost over!!!