1. New Order Be a Rebel Stephen’s t34 mix
  2. Roxette // I remember you (T&A Demo 1990)
  3. Roxette // It hurts (T&A Demo 1995)
  4. Roxette // Always the last to know (Studio Vinden Demo 1998)
  5. Roxette // The Look (Abbey Road Session 1995)

  6. IQ - From The Outside In
  7. the new single within temptation
  8. best singer of the netherlands, nobody knew her until now

  9. Roxette // Piece of cake

    The new single!
    Recorded last year before Marie's passing - what an amazing song, going strong, one of their best
  10. My brother has a habit of listening ac/dc every morning, so...

  11. The Sisterhood - Rain From Heaven