1. Well actually I really do
  2. But what is a snippet, really?

  3. does it count like a song in the setlist? is a snippet a snippet or is a snippet a song that is snippet-ed into another song? a song in disguise?

    I love snippets

  4. I love them , specially the strange

  5. snippets areOK!
    Ilove the Snippet Moving on out now from 360 Degree
  6. I can't help singing 1969 and So You Want To be A Rock'n'roll Star over any version of Desire I hear, including the remixes and even the acoustic Elevation ones.
    In God's Country inside All Along The Watchtower isn't half bad either, and It's Only Rock And Roll inside Vertigo is the highlight of every show in which it's performed for me. I love singing it over any version of Vertigo too
  7. i love the stories for boys snippet in vertigo ...
  8. I love the Hawkmoon 269 & Running to Stand Still snippets in Desire in Cologne on Elevation Tour. Outstanding.