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  2. like a fair few of thier songs. Couple of years ago at school me and a friend had a big debate on who was better outa these guys and U2. Silly people should know that anyone vs U2, anyone always loses.
  3. Originally posted by Andrew_C:like a fair few of thier songs. Couple of years ago at school me and a friend had a big debate on who was better outa these guys and U2. Silly people should know that anyone vs U2, anyone always loses.

    You could have a good debate about The Joshua Tree vs. Appetite for Destruction (two best albums of 1987 - if not the `80`s) but U2 has so much more in their canon - Achtung Baby alone detroys anything else GNR did. In fact, most of u2`s albums beat anything else by GNR.

    Side note: I saw both GNR and U2 in concert in 1992. I actually enjoyed myself more at the GNR show. Probably had someting to do with the fact that I had WAY better seats for Slash N`Axl.

    Also: GNR without Slash is NOT GNR.

  4. True but it was still a good show and a decent album if you take away about five tracks.

    I wish Axl'd get rid of that DJ Ashba guy. He's good for the bands he's in other than this current lineup - but maybe he'll persuade him too to actually record something and have it out in 22 years time. Buckethead was probably the best nu-Guns guitarist (as Axl himself talks about the current lineup).
  5. Back in 2007 if somebody asked me who was better, U2 or Guns N Roses it'd be no question GNR. I was obsessed with them at one stage. Saw them in 2006, pretty good. Went to see them last year, Axl threw a bitch fit and walked off so I've lost all respect for him a a person. As a singer, he was outstanding but was never going to be able to keep a voice like that.

    Listen to Appetite now and again, love that album. Hard to call but Joshua just beats it. Achtung Baby kills and buries for me though.
  6. Appetite is a fucking masterpiece. Not one bad song but then you had the Illusions and they had quite a bit of filler. Lies I'd definitely go for maybe before Appetite and then Spaghetti Incident....I can't listen to it. It's absolutely horrible in every sense. Still like ChiDem but if you know how badly edited it is, it really gets to you. Especially Shackler's. Is that thing copy-pasted or what. The whole album is!!!

    Achtung or Joshua Tree don't beat it because it's different styles. Comparing when it came out though (for JT, Achtung and Appetite) I can do that, and Achtung just beats them all. But then JT comes along and I put that on....far better for me on most days. Has that kinda rock edge to it whereas Achtung is more, not so much industrial but darker.

    The Dublin show, that was the show he got like three songs in, had a bottle of piss thrown at him and walked off? Well, if you keep your audience waiting expect that. When he kept the Townsville crowd waiting two hours just last year, half walked out - according to reports, fan reports say different, who knows. That you have to expect and it ain't fucking professional, it's just stupid and the band must fucking hate that. I know I would and I'd bitchslap him for it.

    Hell, I paid eight hours of working to see that show (the one they did after Sydney - five minutes EARLY) for that one. Luckily, he was only...oooh 30 minutes late, in which time the crew were setting up everything, so it was reasonable-ish, and it gave me enough time to get a better view and go grab a drink. Not walking out and losing that, even if I had to wait a little while.

    I think his voice sounds decent still...it's not gonna be the best but it works well enough.
  7. You got lucky for your show then, did you enjoy it? Get any surprises?

    At the one I saw I was just surprised they opened with Chinese Democracy. And the bottle was empty, there was picture of it the next day in a paper. He was annoyed from the very first song though cos there was something wrong with his earpiece. He took them out and threw it at his tech and kept running backstage. Kinda ruined the flow of them song when someone kept disappearing.

    Happy to say I'll be seeing Slash at Oxegen this year though. He was a major influence of my interest in them, can't wait to see him.
  8. Don't Cry and Whole Lotta Rosie. The biggest surprise was he toured with the same line-up as from the previous year - shocking, I know, considering his track record with line-ups. It was a good show though - I enjoyed it, well worth the wait (well, I'd only got premium tickets the afternoon before) - I don't think it had entirely sold out but the arena was full.

    Yeah they open with ChiDem now and do the pyro - totally awesome way to open. It works a lot better, for the current line-up than Jungle, which I imagine worked awesome for the original line-ups.

    He should have gone during a solo to do the earpiece - like there weren't enough of them, and changed the earpiece then and stopped ruining the flow. Did he run off to the oxygen tent a lot and come back doing a 720-degree spin? And I've not seen Slash, but I'm going to when he comes back.
  9. Really love those guys and their songs!

    Went to see Slash w/ Myles Kennedy last year I loved that show! I was standing in front and could touch Slash No security! ;D

    Also went to see GnR last year. Great show and Axl's voice sounded very good! The way he sang This I Love And Bumblefoot is a very very good guitar player and probably the nicest guy I know in this music industry!
  10. I wouldve loved to hear Don't Cry and This I Love

    Oxygen tent? I'm not too sure to be honest but whenever he did come back he was spinning like a top alright.
  11. Did you see him nick off to the back of the stage and disappear, but not going right to the back? That's the tent. If he comes back with like 2000% more energy he's just had a round of the 'ol oxygen. But for his age, and the intensity his voice has undertaken (not like he didn't have a good rest from 1993 - 2000) I'd say it sounds pretty good.

    Someone recently said it was as good as 1986. I think they were lying. We got TIL at our show. Love the instrumental of it, hate the dodgy-sounding vocals.

    I love Myles Kennedy's voice too. Top stuff, and Slash's album was awesome.