1. 45 years ago today this four guys played what would become their last concert ever.

    Sad and happy day for everyone.

  2. Been listening to the "new" U.S. Beatles cds...Unreal what Capitol did back in the 60s .

    The first thing I don't understand here is , why are the mono versions placed ahead of the stereo tracks ? I have a bunch of the original records from the 60s , and all of them say stereo . I know a few of their albums were released here in the States in mono , but they should have been placed after the stereo tracks.

    Also , it always bothered me that Capitol "butchered' the Beatles records . Holding off tracks , so they could put out extra albums and ripping off the U.S. fans .

    Example being Yesterday & Today . I have read many times , that the Beatles themselves were unhappy with Capitol ,and that is why they posed for that wild butcher cover . Capitol of course folded , and took it off the shelves.

    Y & T is actually a pretty cool record , but the majority of the songs could have easily been placed on the U.S. Rubber Soul . Nowhere Man , Drive My Car , We Can Work It Out , Day Tripper and Yesterday . Too bad Capitol were such greedy bastards.

    I do remember the U.S. vinyl being louder then the U.K. vinyl ...I don't see that here , and I have read on Amazon , a few audiofiles have stated that these aren't even all of the tracks from the original U.S. recordings..some are from the 2009 remasters and even from the 1987 cd releases.....

    IMO the stereo versions sound great , but Im no expert...
  3. I failed to mention about the packaging , its great for these releases . So far I grabbed A Hard Days Night , Help and Y & T.

    Yesterday & Today actually has the butcher cover on it , but the "trunk" cover is placed in front , as it was back in the day . The trunk cover is a sticker , and you can actually place this cover OVER the butcher cover, by peeling off the back portion and placing it in front ..pretty cool IMO. This version is a MUST FOR BEATLES FANS.

    I inner sleeve is an exact copy of the sleeve from 1996...with ads for other artists like Lou Rawls Sammy Davis and Nat King Cole.... The cd itself has the rainbow on the edge....very cool stuff here .

    The cd cover are the replica's from 1964, '65 and '66....and all 3 say stereo...as my albums do....

    Help ! is another treat ..I always loved the James Bond theme and missed having a proper version of it.....I like having the George Martin instrumentals from AHDN and Help !....brings me back to my youth in the 70s and early 80s.....
  4. So... this happened, on this day, some time ago...

  5. Yeah ♥ Arctic Monkeys celebrated it with a version of All My Loving. Not the best version but a good gesture anyway

  6. Let the guessing games start

  7. If anything, it's a cool puzzle/game...

    ...maybe a "new" greatest hits compilation????? That said, there are a lot of "deep cuts" hidden in the above puzzle (e.g., Sun King and Polythene Pam).

  8. Congrats your Beatles theme song is Yesterday! Yesterday was written by Paul McCartney after the melody came to him in a dream. You are the type of person who will dwell on a past situation until you can't think straight. You are an emotional individual who isn't too proud to admit their guilt in a situation.

    Yesterday? Great but certainly boooooring!!
  9. I was "Here Comes The Sun."