1. Very good album! Liner notes are cool as Bono describes the album as a mash up of some show tracks and some demos of what they have been up to. Would definitely like to hear a full on "proper" U2 version of "Boy Falls From The Sky".

    With that said still not enough to keep us fans satisfied till late 2012 when the new album is apparently going to be released. And we all know what that means, early 2013.

  2. good new music
  3. I'm personally enjoying the jokes being made all over the media at the show's expense than I am the music coming out of the show.
  4. Where can I get the album ? Thanks!
  5. Any clue on how I could get a version of "Bullying by Numbers"? It was in the show but not on the album... Thx!
  6. Very criminal that a proper U2 version of Boy Falls from the sky never came out
  7. Jeez. I forgot about this thing!
  8. Hey spides

    Turn off the dark
  9. I listened to the album, some good stuff in it. The bridge in Picture This sounds like the break part In pop version of Streets
  10. I still give the album a spin every now and then.

    Wish the rocky breakdown in Pull the Trigger was used in a U2 song rather than this