1. Originally posted by MacStripey:2020:

    09.05. Star Trek Con, Dortmund
    10.06. Die Fantastischen Vier, Hamburg
    17.07. Chris de Burgh, Düsseldorf
    01.08. Sunrise Avenue, Köln

    05/03 Inhaler, Berlin
    06/05 Howard Carpendale, Leipzig (make your Mom happy as long as you can)
    07/05 Josh Savage, Leipzig
    08/05 Pet Shop Boys, Leipzig
    03/06 Green Day + Weezer, Berlin
    04/06 Paul McCartney, Hannover
    13/06 Die Fantastischen Vier, Leipzig
    25/07 Fury in the Slaughterhouse, Leipzig

  2. Was a strange gig to say the least.... Great to hear the first whole album, but after that they played some deep cuts that they love, allot of people just talked through the rest and the sound was awful throughout the whole gig....

    Sad really, last time i saw them they were amazing!
  3. 2020:

    09.05. Star Trek Con, Dortmund
    10.06. Die Fantastischen Vier, Hamburg
    06.07. Chris de Burgh, Suhl
    16.07. Chris de Burgh, Essen

    17.07. Chris de Burgh, Düsseldorf
  4. Inhaler - 2020-01-16 - Amsterdam
  5. 2020-04-15 Clannad - the farewell tour
  6. Pearl Jam Canada
  7. Inhaler tonight in Amsterdam
  8. Feb 23 - Kosheen - Prague
    Mar 19 - Anathema - Vienna
    May 27 - Nick Mason's A Saucerful Of Secrets - Prague
    May 30 - Nick cave And The Bad Seeds - Prague
    Sep 28 - Steven Wilson - Amsterdam Ziggo Dome
  9. Stereophonics tonight in Liverpool, small-ish venue holding only 2000 people, can't wait!
  10. Five gigs this year, in truth I will be working at the last two and the first three are as a punter. Looking forward to all in al honesty, but for Nick Cave (first Cave gig) I just can't wait
    March - Clannad, London
    April - Elbow, Plymouth
    May - Nick Cave, London
    July Little Mix, Plymouth
    July - Westlife, Plymouth
  11. Last week been to Dream Theater. Others this year will be Editors in Antwerpen and Den Haag, Supergrass in Amsterdam, The Doors Alive in Dordrecht, Pearl Jam in Amsterdam and Sabaton in Amsterdam. Still considering Iron Maiden and Sting both in Weert.