1. The Pretty Reckless. October in Glasgow.
  2. My concert of Die Prinzen (German pop band) in November '22 has just been postponed - to November '23 wtf, where is the sense in that at all?! I'm getting pi**ed. Returning this ticket as well, no fun anymore
  3. Yeah why european band cancels/postpones european shows now when everything is opening? I don't get it
  4. Yeah, me neither. Makes no sense.
  5. Just scored Fanta4 in Cologne stadium on June 18
  6. Clannad sunday
  7. Just found out that tomorrow's Sting concert is postponed...

    Didn't even get an e-mail!

  8. War on Drugs supported by the equally brilliant Lo Moon (give 'em a cheeky listen!) @ Birmingham O2 Academy tomorrow.

    Almost as good as a double bill as U2 & REM in '85...!
  9. Ah, so sorry for you, this sucks big time even more so with sending no email at all