1. Originally posted by flopro:Glad to see some other Editors fans around here, they're amazing live!

    I've got Editors, U2 and Jeff Lynne's ELO all in the space of a week!

    I'm not a Editors fan. They are my life
  2. Stereophonics are coming to Aus in May, unbelievably they are coming to Adelaide

    Then The Killers a few nights later

  3. Not bad!
    They did a similar showcase this evening in Sint-Truiden too, but didn't win a ticket...
    Glad with the new album?
  4. Yes new album is great. As always.
    Saw the webcast yesterday at Stubru. Better (longer) setlist but the venue in Soest (between the planes and tanks in a museum) beats the hell out of that
  5. Randomly wound up getting invited to see They Might Be Giants tonight. Any fans here? I can't honestly say I've heard more than a song or two by them but a free ticket is a free ticket.
  6. So it's Editors again tonight in Antwerpen. Cause it was way too long since I've seen them

  7. 30 seconds to mars last night at the Ziggp Dome Amsterdam