1. I've opened this topic for 3 reasons

    1) Because I'd like to know what you think about this song.
    Personally I disliked it at first, but by now it has really grown on me.
    (And it seems there hasn't been a topic for this sond yet)

    2) Because of the possibilty it'll be played with B.B.King at Glasto.
    (As I said in the Glasto thread, I'm afraid there won't be time to perform during BB's show, but BB might perhaps join U2 in their gig, who knows)

    3) Because I just found this version on the ZooTV tour.
    It's probably already known by some/most of you but some, as me, might be suprised.
    I believe this sounds quite refreshing And I love when The Edge sings rather low for once + the end when they're so close together, almost kissing. + the Rod Sterwart reference.
    That's all folks.

  2. I like when the audience joins them in the chorus a la Dublin 93, but this song is nothing special to me.
  3. this in hd complete in dvd would be great...
  4. 1) Not a fan of the song - at least not the studio version.
    2) Bono should join BB - not BB joining U2
    3) All songs are made better in ZooTV world - even this one.
  5. One of my least favourite U2 tunes ever - not a fan at all

  6. Good Song!
    I like the Version of Fort Worth 11-24 -1987
    I think it is A good One!!
  7. Bono is looking good in that video
  8. i am not a great fan of this song ..i like angel of harlem .....ala ZooTV
  9. It's definitely not one of my favorites but I do quite enjoy when "When Love Comes To Town" pops up on my iPod.I like the sort of "singing the blues at a local bar" feel you get from it.
  10. I only care for the ZooTV versions.