1. This is another stupid game, just to kill time.

    Originally posted by PersonBeautiful Day vs. Kite
    Originally posted by PersonThe lyrics of Kite are better
    Kite vs. The Fly
    Originally posted by PersonI like rock songs, so I'll chose The Fly
    The Fly vs. One

    The Fly vs. One
  2. I should have opened this topic !


    One because it is a classic which Mozart can be jealous of .

    One vs. Miss Sarajevo
  3. Miss Sarajevo,because your blue room is not miss sarajevo.my only explanation...

    Miss Sarajevo vs. New Year's Day
  4. New Year's Day, it's more rocky and a good way to incorporate piano into rock

    New Year's Day vs. I Will Follow
  5. I Will Follow makes you jump as a crazy

    I Will Follow Vs. Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me
  6. Hold Me Thrill Me. Can't get enough of that badass swagger.

    HMTMKMKM vs. Last Night on Earth

  7. Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me - as you said, just so badass. It was hard deciding though...

    HMTMKMKM vs. The Fly
  8. Think the object is to use the song you chose and pit it against another, so you have to continue with HMTM.
  9. The Fly. One of their all time best.

    Fly v Streets

  10. Streets is their best song, but at the moment I'd like to listen to The Fly

    The Fly vs. Discothèque