1. A Sort of Homecoming

    A Sort of Homecoming v Like a Song...
  2. Been a while but why not.....

    A Sort Of Homecoming

    A Sort Of Homecoming v Spanish Eyes
  3. Spanish Eyes

    Spanish Eyes vs In a Little While

    (anyone see the connection here?)
  4. Ah yeah very good

    In A Little While

    In A Little While v Party Girl
  5. Party Girl

    Party Girl vs Mystery Girl
  6. Party Girl vs Mysterious Ways
  7. "Party Girl" ('cause I'm like that, lol)

    Party Girl vs Walk to the water
  8. Walk To The Water vs Mercy
  9. Mercy
    Mercy vs. North Star
  10. North Star
    North Star vs. North and South of the River
  11. North and South of the River
  12. North and South of the River vs. Wave of Sorrow