1. Hope these are allowed here?

    Here are 4 exclusive U2.com complete tracks from the 360 tour remastered by myself for you

    Get on your Boots (live from Denver)
    Zooropa (Live From Mexico)
    All I Want Is you (Live From Nashville)
    "40" (Live From Moncton)


    Note :These are Wav files, but i am well aware these are not lossless, but spare the lectures its simply the way they were captured.


  2. Thank You
  3. thanks a lot what a nice treat!
  4. excellent job!

    can you do that with the Lisbon PopMart show?


  5. These are really great! Thanks for uploading and sharing
  6. Great sound
    Thanks a lot!
  7. Wow thanks!
  8. Glad you all like them thank you
  9. Thank you very much Jason !
    Especially for Zooropa
  10. Thanks for these, listening now.