1. Happy birthday Sergio!!
  2. sergio! gonna drink a coke on your health
  3. Happy birthday Sergio!

    Ice tea for me (green, no lemon & no ice )
  4. Have a good one Sergio
  5. Happy happy happy birthday, Jana (flowerchild) all the best to you. I hope the upcoming year will be as... extraordinary... as this one of your life has been much love and happiness, dear
  6. Happy Bday Jana

    PS. Thanks everyone who wished me a nice Bday, I was absent from the boards for a few days but I love you all. This goes for you:

  7. Happy Bday to some Irish weirdos that 41 years ago made some noise in a kitchen.

  8. Still one of my fave photos
  9. Happy birthday to the Fab Four
  10. ....on the right : Dickhead
  11. It's my own birthday today...am a few years younger than U2 thankfully !