1. The Little Thongs That Give You Away.
  2. This thread is golden.

    (related note: Try singing Some Days Are Better Than Others, but replace days with a different d word... )
  3. I have an idea for a U2 game: Ruin (or Improve) a U2 song with only a small change... shall we do it?
  4. Rule: it has to be only a minor change in the title. Change only 1 word, still sounding very similar.
  5. Magnificunt
  6. ...on your line....

  7. The Showman (Little More Bigger)
  8. The Wankerer.
  9. piss on earth......
    that's really bad
  10. Like A Thong
    (Sergio calls me: I will find you, and I will kill you)
  11. imagination running.... out of cuntrol