1. Ok granted I have had copious pints of Guinness (my little sis just arrived back after months travelling in South America) ...but is UTEOTW better on the Boston dvd than Slane ? Just been listening to it on the night tube home ha
  2. Shocked to hear the news about the Ariana Grande concert at the UK. 19 dead so far. Apparently an explosion occurred at the concert?
  3. Awful. Just awful. There were probably a lot of very young people hurt (or worse) at this show.
  4. Devastating.
  5. Over 60 children without guardians at the Holiday Inn in Manchester right now. I hope they contact their parents real soon.
  6. Maybe this is the cause of heightened security and shorter setlist for u2.this smells too much like 2001.please let love prevail people.if your Grande how do you find the courage to get on stage again?
  7. So incredibly sad.

    "Is is true that perfect love drives out all fear...?"
  8. Mother and Child/Streets, with Ariana and Paul Simon?
  9. Disgusting comment, Birdman987. Children have died at a concert last night - and you are thinking about songs?
  10. woken up to this news
    gmp have confirmed children among the deceased

    Truly shocked at the evil behind this act