1. A good turntable with the best needle
    Stanton 681 EEE

  2. Bose 401 floor speaker.triangular.they work like having a kinda surround

  3. Bose 401 from the ice age...i think i bought em in....1992...

  4. Very very high Bass
  5. :4/4 beat
  6. Want to get a good easy to use system, mp3 and CD without the price tag. The one I have is good for what it is, but I'm sound fussy. Just don't earn enough to get the best system's
  7. Some kind of things come piece by piece
    Amplifier.....work work work
    Turntable.....work work....
    And i could "sound" old but i ban mp3
  8. It's a General chat...so we can talk about everytging
    So.i'm going out with My family.we're going to a Labyrinth made of bamboo
    Tonight i'll show you.
    See ya