1. So today we did the U2 playlist problem with my class. I asked them "Have you ever heard of this band called U2?". One student said "oh yeah, they are the band that send everyone their songs via iTunes!" #ThankYouGuyOSeary

    On the plus side, one girl did say she saw them live and they were awesome. Yay?
  2. Was there a Zooropa Mug on sale on U2.com or did I make that up? Thought I had seen it on there but can't find anything.
  3. If anyone still gives a crap about lists, Rolling Stone updated their list of the 500 greatest albums of all time (they did it first in 2003). U2 sits at number 135 (seriously?) with The Joshua Tree.
  4. Dare we say it’s underrated?
  5. The new blue dress/white dress controversy:
    Do you hear ascending two notes, or descending two notes?

    I hear ascending...
  6. I do as well
  7. I actually hear descending
  8. Descending

  9. Oh shit, Tony Lewis, singer of the 80's band The Outfield has passed away.
    I love their hits "Your Love" and "All The Love In the World". I used to listen to them a lot as a kid. He was only 62.