1. Originally posted by deanallison:Would anyone agree with a comment I’ve just read on Facebook stating that ‘they’ve played Bad so much it gets tiresome’?
    The full quote was actually ‘they’ve played bad and pride so much it gets tiresome’ but I know people have said that about pride just never Bad.
    Except for the Joshua Tree tours, Bad has been an exception, almost a setlist suprise ever since 2005 (since 1993 if you don't count the Elevation tour where it was almost a setlist staple). I've seen U2 eleven times since 2005 and only caught Bad twice, so I definitely don't feel it's one of their most "tiresome" songs.

    On the other hand, it's a very recognisable song and it's usually a show highlight whenever it appears, so I can see why some would consider it as a warhorse that could be retired. But it's DEFINITELY not Pride/WOWY/One-warhorse level.
  2. Agree... only on Elevation and JT it was regular. Otherwise usually as surprise. I saw them 20x and Bad only 3x (and I want to forget the last one in Dublin 2017 )
    So definitely not tiresome