1. ‘Easter Eggs’ are hidden pieces of digital data within DVD and Blu-ray discs. Many official U2 releases feature Easter eggs, containing hidden exclusive U2 content. I hope this will provide fellow fans a catalogue of U2 Easter eggs and the information to access this U2 material.

    The details and instructions are here compiled from hints and tips shared around the internet by world-wide U2 fans. Therefore all the credit for this must go to all the U2 fans who have shared their tips/ tricks for finding U2 Easter eggsLaughing.


    No Easter eggs are on the Rattle & Hum movie DVD, but you get the motion picture trailer which is worth a watch if you've not seen it yet

    How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb (Album, DVD edition): Handwritten Lyrics.

    1. On DVD main menu, go to 'One By One'.

    2. Once there, highlight 'Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own (Studio Performance)'.

    3. On your remote, press the following sequence: left, left, down, right, up.

    4. A little red X will highlight next to the big one in the background.

    5. Press enter and you'll see the handwritten lyrics for 'Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own'.

    RUMOUR : you can also access the lyrics for 'Vertigo' - does anyone know if this is true or how to

    Elevation Tour Boston DVD DISC 1: 'Elevation' as seen by Bono.

    1. At the end of the "Making of" documentary when the Dreamchaser logo appears, you'll see a small image of Bono's face as "The Fly". Quickly click on that image. When you get to the screen with the flashing boxes, type 1, 9, 7, 6 and you should be taken to the Easter egg. On some DVDs, you'll need to hit ENTER after each number.

    2. Alternatively, there's a cheat if the above doesn't work. As the DVD begins to play, hit STOP. Then on your remote, select DISPLAY or TITLE or whatever command allows you to skip directly to a certain track. You want track (title) 3. On some DVD players, once you hit STOP, you can go directly to the Easter egg just by touching the "3" on your remote.

    Elevation Tour Boston DVD DISC 2: 'Until the end of the world' as seen by Bono.

    1. From the main menu, access the Help screen by clicking on the question mark. When you're at the Help screen, type 1991 and you might be taken to the Easter egg. On some DVD players, you may need to hit ENTER after each number. This seems to be the more difficult of the two Easter eggs to access, as many fans report this method doesn't work.

    2. Alternatively, there's a cheat. Actually, there are several: a) go to the Additional Tracks screen and immediately press 7 on your remote - the Easter egg may begin; b) if that doesn't work, press ENTER after you type the number 7; c) if that doesn't work, you may need to hit some combination of PLAY and/or MENU on your remote.

    U2 Vertigo Tour Chicago DVD: ‘Small’ Easter egg.

    RUMOUR: Does anyone what the 'small' ester egg is and how you access it?

    Joshua Tree Remastered with Paris Concert DVD: Dalton Brothers Footage.

    On the extra videos menu screen click on the bar underling ‘U2’ and you access a code access screen, type BETTY in at the code section to access Dalton Brothers footage.

    Best of 1990-2000 DVD: Making of Last Night on Earth & Trabant Fish Tank

    Go to main intro screen for the Last Night on Earth video at the left hand 8 pictures. Start at Director's Name (with Smyth underlined), press Up and Left buttons in order four times, to navigate through the pictures until the third photo down on the far left is chosen. When you have selected it a brown outline around the photo will be visible. Then select Enter.

    Or, here's a cheat if the above doesn't work. As the DVD begins to play, press Stop. Then on your remote, select Display or Title or whatever command allows you to skip directly to a certain track you want track (title)18.

    A fish tank with swimming Trabant cars is accessible by from the main menu, access the main screen for the One video. At this screen press '1' then enter and the screen will reload. Repeat hitting '1' and ENTER, two additional times and the fish tank will appear. The Trabant takes some time before showing up, and if you leave it run long enough a two Trabants will appear at the same time.

    ZOO-TV Sydney DVD DISC 2: Stage Time Lapse, Interference Documentary & Bomb Drill.

    Highlight 'Extras’ on menu, then press the remote 'Right' > arrow key and then press 'Down.' The top screen Zoo TV logo will now be highlighted, press 'Enter' now you will see a screen with 'Abort' written on it. Using your remote enter 2711 then you’ll unlock a time-lapse video of the stage setup, concert and dismantle, set to the song 'Some days are better than others.'

    Now enter the 'Documentaries' section and select 'play all'. To save time fast-forward through the footage and when you get back to the menu screen, highlight the 'subtitles' menu entry. Now press the 'down' key on your remote followed by the 'Left' < key to highlight '0' in the centre of the screen. Press 'enter' and you will be treated to the 25 minute documentary called 'Interference', which includes 'The History Mix' .

    Now go to the 'Extras' section and highlight 'DVD credits.' Press the 'Down' key on your remote, followed by the 'Right' > key and another 0 appears in the centre of the screen. Press remote 'Enter' key and you will be taken to the 'Abort' screen. Enter the numbers 1993 and you will see a 1-minute long clip of atomic-bomb themed warning drills.

    Under a Blood Red Sky DVD: Sunday Bloody Sunday (alternative mix)

    You can click on the menu bar under U2 on the main menu to a access code panel, the code to enter is 727 to view b-roll footage intermixed with ‘Sunday Bloody Sunday

    U218: Brooklyn Bridge Show Wind-Up

    There was a rumour that a video of the entire Brooklyn Bridge show (8 live songs) is hidden on this DVD I don’t think that this exists – it appears to be wishful thinking only.

    POP Mart Mexico DVD DISC 2: 'All Kinds of Everything' karaoke video

    On the Main Menu select the 'Enter' entry. Once you're in the Popmart store in the Documentary aisle, press the 'Up' button on your remote control and then press 'Enter.' This will select the security camera at the top of the screen. You will now see a bizarre video of 'All Kinds of Everything' a karaoke version video featuring the sights of Dublin docklands. It doesn't really have a great deal to do with U2, but there it is!

    U2: GO Home DVD:

    I don’t know if there are on Easter Eggs on the U2: Go Home, but there is a whole stack of bonus material available including:

    · Bonus track: Mysterious Ways, Slane, 2001

    · Unforgettable Fire documentary, Slane, 1984

    · Spincam - Interactive Camera Angle

    · U2 Calendar

    · Weblinks

    · Screen-savers


    No DVD but get FREE stuff here: http://www.u23d.co.uk/

    Download FREE poster: http://www.u23dmovie.com/images/multimedia/downloads/U23D_poster.pdf


    Not an easter egg, but a terrific 'deleted scene', featured on the regular DVD release is just over four minutes of 'Edge's Sound Check', featuring guitar pieces from 'Until the end of the world', 'Pride (in the name of love) and 'Bad'. Totally fabulous film and the deleted material is terrifc too!

    You can down the official Sony Music electronic press kit for the movie in PDF format FREE at: http://sonyclassics.com/itmightgetloud/IMGL_presskit.pdf

    U2 360° AT THE ROSE BOWL

    There's an eleven minute long mini film accessible via the main menu of the concert DVD, at main menu highlight 'Track Selection', keep moving your control pad or remote towards left quickly several times and the film '21 Days = U2 360' plays.

    Alternatively select ‘Main Menu’, then when ‘3:32’ appears within the bottom left hand corner of the screen, before it changes to ‘3:33’, press ‘4’ on your DVD remote and the bonus clip starts playing.

    U2 Achtung Baby 20th Anniversary Super Deluxe/Uber DVD Disc 3

    MacPhisto clips (Title 8)

    phone call to Alessandra Mussolini
    band introduction
    phone call to Schiphol Airport
    phone call to Helmut Kohl
    Total time 8:55

    Still Haven’t Found What We’re Looking For: the U2 Easter Egg hunt continues...

    Are there any other U2 DVD Easter Eggs you know about that aren’t included here ? If there are please post what they are and how to access them here

    thanks very much!

  2. I've got most of the listed DVD (like so many other "standard" U2 fans), but why I never know about those Easter eggs!? I feel a bit ashamed...
  3. That''s because on some DVD players it's a b!tch to get to these tracks...much easier if you put them in a computer and access them via a media player such as VLC player, where you can simply select all tracks from a menu.
  4. Excellent work there Eric! Thankyou!
  5. Anyone found anything on the Achtung Baby DVDs?

    EDIT: nevermind, i can't read!
  6. THANX PROFESSOR ERIC! These are awesome!
    Happy 'New Year's Day!'
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  8. Wow! Good work. Now...time to dig out some DVD's!
  9. Ok, not a DVD but:

    Sunday Times U2 Exclusive CD

    This exclusive CD was released with the Sunday Times in June of 2001. It came sealed in a plastic outer sleeve with the Sunday Times which features an article about U2. The disc itself is a joint U2 promotion and a primer for the new Windows XP operating system. Hidden in one of the directories is a low quality encode of the Elevation (Biffco Mix) as well as the above listed tracks.
  10. I understand the concept behind Easter Eggs, but it's a pretty dumb thing to do. First of all, not all DVD players allow you to reach them. Second, if the bonus content is really worth watching, wouldn't they want to promote it to get more sales? Third, the idea seemed fun at first, but is as boring and overdone like the "hidden" track at the end of Cds.
  11. Holy cow! I've never heard of such things! Will have to try and capture some of these when I get a chance.