1. U2
    2011-05-15 - Mexico City, Mexico - Azteca Stadium


    Taped and remastered by: Nunomoreira1 and Kaycee

    Lineage : Stereo Scanner>Tascam DR-07>Cool edit>WaV>Flac

    "Nuestra Última Noche Aqui"


    Space Oddity
    Even Better Than The Real Thing
    New Year's Day
    Get On Your Boots
    Mysterious Ways
    Until The End Of The World
    Bono Talking
    All I Want Is You / Worried Blues (snippet)
    Love Rescue Me
    Pride (In The Name Of Love)
    Beautiful Day / Blackbird (snippet)
    Miss Sarajevo
    City Of Blinding Lights
    Vertigo / Teenage Kicks (snippet)
    I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight / Discothèque (snippet) / Please (snippet)
    Sunday Bloody Sunday
    Walk On / You'll Never Walk Alone (snippet)
    Desmond Tutu speech
    Play Me (snippet) / High And Dry (snippet) / Where The Streets Have No Name
    Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me
    With Or Without You
    Bono Talking (part 2)
    Moment of Surrender

    After all the requests, the show was the one that one, thank you very much for voting

    This torrent is dedicated to this people:

    Peter Goodfield, Helena Choo, Loftarasa, Achtungpop, IfIcould, Chrisedge, Jason E, Tynecastle,
    hawkmoon269, Dana Fletcher, Scott Zumsteg, Stadtfelder, Boyacrobat, Bedoc, ytrewq, Karl P.
    Interference74, Brent Padrick, Stu Calvert, Bonofan, imrul7, Scarlet, LikeASong, Pridix, germcevoy,
    angelo, noodlesU2, LSMelo, Brunonandes, Bobfather, One8ung, Ernesto Rizzi, Reddef, sparko
    Kathy Caulder, Luis Varela, Jose Longo, u2lemonman, Nancy Trinn Andersen, Emiko Yamada, jahorro
    David Palomares, Anja Christensen, Melissa Osorio, Tina Sørensen, bonozitoun, u2music,
    Khelia Johnson, gatomaluco, Daywalker.

    Thank you to everyone that talked with us recently and have uploaded also some interesting things,
    A special thanks we would like to say to a few people: Thanks Sparko (Daniela) for doing great
    artwork for our recordings, your covers are amazing! Also thanks to Oliver for inspiring us to
    upload MORE

    About the show: After some rain before and during the show, the band played their last show in
    Mexico. This was probably their best show out of the 3 shows in Mexico and what a great show
    it was the last one. "Love Rescue Me" was played maybe for the 1st time in North America on a
    tour and the band was really happy to play again in Mexico. They know how the great crowd of
    Mexico are and they interacted with them as much as possible.

    About the recording: This is the 1st IEM recording and the only recording being shared in FLAC
    at the moment so this is really rare. It's a perfect recording, without any interference
    (was taped from the seats) and it's one of our best recordings. It's very enjoyable from the
    beginning to the end. Remember, we are the first people willing to share iem recordings from
    Mexico 2011.


    - This is a single feed, we don't have time to mix it with other feeds at this moment (sorry), if
    you're a fan of ONLY multiple feeds mix, this is not for you then, you can skip the torrent and
    it's all good, just leave the other people that will download to enjoy it.

    - If you want to use this recording for a matrix or any video to upload, please let us know
    before, and ask us please, THANK YOU.

    - Please don't ask about other recordings from Mexico 2011, thank you.

    - Our goal is and always will be to try to please everyone but sometimes even if this is for
    FREE, there's always someone (CRAZY)complaining. If you're one of the ones not pleased, keep that
    for yourself please (at least try) don't pollute the torrent with nonsense, thank you.

    - It was very, very hard for us to get this recording, so we appreciate that you respect these
    requests, but if you can't respect these requests (not sure why you wouldn't), don't make a fool
    out of yourselves like some did already loll, we appreciate that you skip the torrent and let the
    true fans enjoy this, thank you.

    - Don't share/upload on Dime/ Trader's Den, etc, we can do that too

    PS: If you have taped several feeds from this show and you want/ have time to "upgrade" this
    torrent, you're welcome to do it and we'll be very happy to hear it.


    Nuno and Kim

  2. I will download it from U2torrents to reward (in some manner) Nuno, but I'd like to thank him here too
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    Ballerusk? Glad to see you around here man

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  7. Originally posted by LikeASongI will download it from U2torrents to reward (in some manner) Nuno, but I'd like to thank him here too

    Sergio you're welcome, enjoy and enjoy the recording More will come

  8. downloading this right now! EXCITED!
  9. Originally posted by nunomoreira1[..]

    Sergio you're welcome, enjoy and enjoy the recording More will come


    thanks Nuno, fantastic job, I really appreciated your effort..
  10. incredible recording....thank you!!!! i love these IEMs......