1. As a keen photographer myself and knowing of a few other members who are also into photography, I thought it might be a good idea to have a general photography topic. Hopefully we can post/show off our own photographs and offer tips/advice regarding composition, technical aspects and buying advice for those in the market for a camera.

    I don't really like opening general topics because we are on a U2 forum, but with nothing happening I don't see why we can't share some of our hobby interest with the community

    Personally, I have two cameras. A Fujifilm F80EXR compact camera, great for taking snaps on the go. Great quality though most photo's require a little adjustment in Photoshop before I decide to keep the image or not. I also own a Fujifilm HS10 'bridge' camera. Similar story with the compact regarding quality. This camera is more for the dedicated shoots, such as the airport, football, zoo etc thanks to it's great quality 30x optical zoom. I also own a Raynox DCR-250 macro converter lens for the HS10. Granted it's not going to be the same as a proper macro lens for a camera with interchangeable lenses, but the focus quality is truly brilliant. Perhaps a little more depth of field would be nice, but I'm not going to complain. Here are some examples from my Flickr page:

    Taken with the HS10

    HS10 + Macro converter

    Taken with the F80 EXR

    Taken with the F80 EXR

    Feel free to comment, post your own etc...
  2. The top one is magnificent. Just the way you've gotten in so close.

    Taken with an Olympus VG-140.
  3. Originally posted by drewhigginsThe top one is magnificent. Just the way you've gotten in so close.


    Taken with an Olympus VG-140.

    The purple smoke bush is a great plant, it's leaves are quite thin so the sun creates some great colours.

    Your picture, whether it was intentional or not, reminds me of the inside artwork for Passengers I hate plain buildings like that, but for a photographic subject, they can produce some really good pictures. Also quite interesting to pick out the variance between all of the rooms, some blinds shut, some open, curtains tied back etc
  4. I love photography. I just don't have the money to enjoy it properly Nevertheless my dad owns a Nikon D70 with a million interchangeable lenses (tele, macro, fisheye, etccc) and whenever I can, I go shooting around. I have pretty good pics of wide landscapes, everday-life events, nature close-ups...

    I have to say that my mobile phone (Nokia N8) has a more than decent camera, and I have shot more than 1700 photos since I got it, exactly one year ago. Some of them I've shared here, and some not. A few of my favorites (click on them to see them full size):

    Black and white and gold by u2santos ... ... ... ... Grand Canal Theatre at night by u2santos.

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  5. The Guinness photo could almost be used as an advert for them, great image. Just had a look through your Dublin photo's on Flickr, aside from U2, I can now see the obsession. Great city landscape.
  6. It's a VERY photogenic city.
  7. Nice topic.

    Here's a photo taken with my old crappy camera that is pretty nice:

    And here's my current camera, the Casio FH-100, a compact that has great slow-motion capabilities and takes pretty decent shots.

    I love this pic. Reminds me of the greatest concert I've ever been to.

    A few more:

    A few from the recent Lanzarote trip:

    Felt like throwing some beautiful winter scenery in here too:

  8. I got my DSLR at Christmas but haven't gotten around to giving it a good try yet sadly. Will gave to get out and about. Will report back when I do. I'm another advocate of the N8. Awesome thing.
  9. Olof: Those pictures of the band look great, sharp focus. The winter photo looks like an atomic bomb has just gone off because of the way the sun almost merges with the reflection in the sea. Was it taken in the morning? I have a similar photo taken in the morning in Menorca.

    Gerard: My Dad owns an N8, so I can also vouch for it's impressive camera quality. What DSLR have you got?
  10. Yeah. It was taken in the morning. The ice probably helped the effect too. Frozen landscapes like it are great for photographing, and the sea can sometimes be nice for ice-skating too.
  11. I picked up a Nikon D3000 on the cheap. Only have the kit lens at present but it seems the perfect camera to see if I can get into photography.
  12. D3000 will do you good. Fantastic camera, great price/quality relation.