1. Haha, good question. I think exposures were 10 and 15 seconds respectively, so I did a nice job standing still didn't I?
  2. good job indeed

  3. Palermo by night
  4. Great job being a statue Carlos. 15 seconds is tricky enough

    Interesting angle On the Palermo shot as well.
  5. Visited fellow photonerd @ddarroch in Austria and he blessed me with the opportunity to go up a mountain at midnight see the stars which makes. For awesome pictures.
  6. Should've taken our portraits in the red light too. Looks so good together with the night sky.

  7. I was in downtown Madrid today (unusual for me living 50 kms away, I don't go downtown really often) and I snapped this. It was so clear that it was going to be a stellar photo but I had to shoot like 10 different ones until the sun didn't get in the way, one way or another (either directly on the lens or as a reflection in the mirrorish building). I think the result is pretty good

  8. I think it's particularly brilliant that the tree and its flowers match the colors on the tower (the red vertical lines plus the bank logo):