1. Just watched Solo, really good!!!
  2. Opinions on Mandalorian? I love it
  4. Who's ready for Rise of Skywalker !!
  5. I'M READY
  6. Those reviews though lol after Last Jedi I’m going to sit out on this one
  7. Becuase reviews are clearly always right :')
  8. Not bad but just separate episodes, no real story and focusing on action and western similarity... So good but nothing special.
    Nice to see known planets and so many races (seen last time in original trilogy).
  9. Rise is a really fun Star Wars movie. It has way too much packed into it and borders on being a standard CGI blockbuster at times but it’s an immensely fun ride and has some real heart.
  10. I really enjoyed it

    Spoiler (click to toggle)
    It was wayyyy to fast paced, it's like 2 movies pushed into 1 movie.

    I have to see it again to give a full review
  11. well as far as I am concerned rise it a shit fest which I wont pay to see, fan service gone bad, leeks were correct, for me SW ended with ROTJ, last 3 films no direction and story screwed over GL legacy. The mouse house has really done a number on this.

    enjoying the Mandalorian though