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    Got my tickets for April 1st in Montreal already Love the EP, love that he's gone back to his jazzy/bluesy sort of style. So happy to also hear that his tour will be shaped sort of like Where The Light Is. Solo acoustic, trio, and full band.

    Can't wait!

    I wonder what the screaming teenage girls will think of John Mayer Trio, since they play the blues. I love the JM Trio over the softpop stuff.
  2. Starting to make time for this guy. Playing Dublin in October the night before my goddam wedding. Too risky a trip.
  3. Bad timing!

    I didn't know he was touring Europe again, what a weird and lame itinerary though. Two shows in damned Denmark and freezing Norway, and zero anywhere below Amsterdam (the map is a bit misleading as you could think there's a show in Paris - but there isn't, that's "London's" location for them)? Oh come on!

  4. He is good.
  5. God damn if this guy isn't some smooth listening. He's fond of a U2 snippet as well.