1. My list:

    Chris Cornell: Patience 45
    The Stooges 1970
    U2 Boy
    The Smashing Pumpkins CYR
  2. Secured a copy of Boy from a city store here that took orders online from 12:01am. Very happy now and going back to bed
  3. Fortunately my local record shop is putting their stock on sale online at 6pm so I don't have to stay up late lol
  4. I noticed that as well. Must be an agreement that 6pm is the starting time for the uk online stores as it seems to be that time everywhere here. I guess if you go into an actual record shop they’ll be available from opening tomorrow but not everywhere will be able to open with restrictions. Hoping to get myself a copy anyway.

  5. Here's an opening video. I got my copy this morning.
  6. going to get mine tomorrow morning
  7. Just ordered mine.
  8. Purchased.

  9. Got my copy! Bought off eBay for a very reasonable price. Had to work and couldn't get out to my usual spot in Oakville, PCV Records.