1. It might be multiple prints.
  2. "The opening track will continue into a live performance of “New Year’s Day” taken from a concert in Dublin in November 2018. That song was the centerpiece in a stage show that often referred to Europe."

  3. I didn't expect NYD but I gladly welcome it Chaplin into NYD then some extra goodies on the B side, sounds like a brilliant EP!
  4. I have to say I'm pretty disappointed. I would have picked this up had it been the new version of New Year's Day and a couple of live tracks from the tour, but 2 NYD and 2 LIAWHL is not worth it.
  5. Only one full live song and two remixes...
  6. At first got super excited about this but yeah I was hoping for a good performance of RFD at least.
  7. I’ll still probably grab it, the art is cool and the live NYD will be worth it I think. A bit of a shame that it’s not more live tracks but still...