1. Nog enkele exemplaren bij Thatz-It Records. Rotterdam Zevenkamp.
    Ambachtsplein 123.
  2. I'm surprised about it, but I really like the Love Is All We Have Left remix... Really captures a nice contemplative mood. There is a video on youtube with the whole EP uploaded in great quality btw ("U2 - The Europa EP (2019)"), for those who couldn't buy it like me.
  3. With the release of Europe in April it would be cool if we got Oceania in November as a companion to the rumoured tour.
  4. That above should be Europa
  5. I just managed to buy this at roughtrade.com if anyone is still trying for £16.99 + p&p. You might be lucky if you’re quick.
  6. Man if they release any of this on digital I hope they at least release the studio version of the new remix of New Year’s Day, love it almost more than the original
  7. So for those that have been able to get this or listen to it. Any thoughts on the live mix of New Year's Day? Is that what the songs will be mixed like on the Subscriber Gift?
  8. Very different mix, i prefer the mix of the Europa ep as opposed to the two downloads we have for the subscriber's gift
  9. PVC in Oakville, Canada has ten copies of Europa if anyone is looking for a copy.